Jorde Kang

Hello weary traveller!

Who Am I?

I am a Free software advocate, emacs power user and programmer currently studying Computer Science at the University of Salford. You may want to check my reading list or a list of software I use.. When I go travelling I'll start uploading pictures here if you're interested. Some of my notable projects include a Chip-8 emulator and my fork of the Micro Emacs text editor. I occasionally will write blog posts which can be found below or on the RSS feed.


My main interests are Linux, Emacs, programming, security and free software and as such these are the things you can probably expect to see here. I might post about other hobbies I get into, for example I am considering learning about lockpicking.

What am I currently working on?

22/Feb/2019 - Writing an emulator for an 8080 CPU.

Free Software, Free Society