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Making windows more bearable

Due to some required software for my course (Visual Studio) I am having to spend a lot of time developing in windows. This obviously isn't ideal but there are definitely ways to make it feel more at home.


I'm not quite sure how to describe autohotkey. But it is a scripting tool for windows which allows you to do some pretty cool stuff. Here are a couple of scripts I use. I also use a script called 'Advanced Window Snap' for window tiling on Windows 8.1.

; Run terminal
	Run C:\\msys64\msys2.exe
; Make focus stay on top
	Winset, Alwaysontop, , A


Msys is a port of many GNU utilities from Linux to Windows. It is FAR superior to the MS-DOS prompt and I use it a lot. It comes with the pacman package manager from Arch Linux which I used to install other 'essential' packages such as git and emacs.


Funnily enough I'm not using emacs as a text editor. I have to use a specific IDE for my programming module so on windows I'm using emacs for mu4e, org-mode and magit.

Make windows title bars smaller

Go to personalize, display then make the font size smaller.